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Hilo Adjustable Eyewear Glasses - Slimline

Mfg Code: 51.22
AUD 130.00

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Slimline adjustable A‐frame glasses by Paul David’s Eyewear are perfect for daily use, adjust them to suit the task at hand. With a sleek and modern style, Slimline adjustable glasses are perfectly suited for both men and women.

Each pair of Hilo frames comes with 2 bridge inserts which are easily interchanged. The standard sliding bridge allows 7mm of adjustment and the super allows 12mm adjustment. The only difference between the 3 models below is the lens height.

‐Hilo adjustable glasses with sliding bridge
‐2 x sliding bridge inserts
‐Micro‐blast metallic finish
‐Spring type hinges
‐Adjustable nose rests
‐30mm lens height
‐Hard carry case

By altering the vertical height, adjustable glasses offer more freedom to adjust eye position and body posture. The increased the range of focussed vision helps with concentration, better posture and less strain. All vision related tasks can benefit,

‐computers and mobile device operation
‐sports accuracy

Hilo adjustable glasses are frames only. Paul David’s Eyewear strongly advise to never buy corrective lenses over the internet. Your eye sight should be tested and corrective lenses personally fitted by an expert.

Once you receive your Hilo glasses frames get an eyesight evaluation and have the correct lenses fitted to your new adjustable frames. Hilo adjustable frames are suitable for all types of lenses.

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