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Hilo Adjustable Eyewear Adjustable Glasses with Sliding Bridge

Since 1978 more than 100,000 people have used adjustable glasses for better results and performance. They can provide instant relief from niggling distractions such as cricked neck, eye-strain and stressed posture.

Adjustable glasses enable a greater range of comfortable body positions and postures by increasing the size of the focussed vision field. With adjustable glasses, the body and eyes can relax into the best posture and position, leaving the mind to fully concentrate on performance.

Whether reading, computing, hobbies, crafts, sports or work, Hilo adjustable glasses are a practical tool for increasing concentration, accuracy and relaxed focus during work and leisure activities. Obtain a better posture without the niggling distraction of a cricked neck, eye-strain, shoulder and back pain.

Since the invention of framed glasses, eyewear specialists have studied the limitations of rigid and non‐adjustable eyewear. Rigid and non‐adjustable frames restrict the wearer to limited fields of corrected vision and the frames can obstruct preferred line of sight. Small corrected vision fields in multi‐focal lenses compound the problems and force the wearer to adjust posture and eye positions to align with their glasses. The wearer’s body posture and eye position must conform to the limitations of the glasses, this creates tension, stress, pain and distraction.

To solve these problems Hilo adjustable A‐frames were invented. Adjustable glasses adjust the glasses instead of the body and eyes to allow better ergonomic postures and relaxed eye positions to eliminate stress, pain and distraction to keep you in the zone. Vertical adjustment of the frames moves the lenses up and down which increases the fields of corrected vision. As Malcolm Millard from Willunga SA states,
“Instead of moving my head up and down to be in focus I simply move the lens up or down using the sliding bridge, BRILLIANT. Fantastic product and I can highly recommend”.

Already more than 100,000 people have discovered the benefits of adjustable A‐frame glasses. First invented back in 1978 by Paul and David Engelhardt, the award winning Hilo Aframes are now released for internet purchase.

An eyewear tool for practical use, Hilo adjustable frames increase comfort through a more relaxed posture and better eye positions. Stress and distraction are reduced to enable better concentration and enjoyment from both work and leisure activities including:
  • ‐reading
  • ‐operation of computers and mobile devices
  • ‐crafts
  • ‐hobbies
  • ‐sports
  • ‐work

Winner of the Prince Phillip Prize, (medical category) the Australian Design Award and built to European standards, Hilo adjustable glasses are dependable and made for the long haul. The unique sliding bridge mechanism is designed for ease of use, long‐life and maximum comfort.

Choosing is easy, 3 universal sizes of small, medium and large and a choice of classic gold, silver or bronze. A full 12 month warranty applies to all Hilo adjustable A‐frame glasses.

Hilo Eyewear Adjustable Glasses