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Pro Snooker Glasses – Adjustable A-Frames

While playing snooker and billiards, people who wear glasses have a tendency to look over the top of their glasses. It’s difficult to find the best focus for taking the shot. Adjustable A-Frames solve this problem with a sliding bridge. The wearer can easily adjust the glasses to maintain clear focus through the lenses. A simple and effective solution to improve focus and shot accuracy.

The unique sliding bridge allows the frames to be adjusted to sit higher on the face. This increases the wearer’s field of focused vision.

All Adjustable A-Frame glasses come with 2 sliding bridge inserts, 7mm of movement for everyday activities and 12mm movement for specialised activities such as billiards and snooker.

More than 100,000 people have discovered the benefits of adjustable A-frame glasses. First invented back in 1978 by Paul and David Engelhardt and available in 3 styles and colours, pictured above is the medium size A-Frame in classic metallic Gold.  These award winning Hilo A-frames are now released for internet purchase at

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